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A fast and urgent response to problems of criminal nature is indispensable. Our office can provide such assistance in all types of criminal cases. Since first assistance at the beginning, in Police or Court custody, to judicial Courts in first levels or any appeal that may arise. In those very sensitive and important situations, quality advice at all stages is necessary till the final resolution of the case. 
In criminal matters, preventive counseling is also a fundamental activity that allows a good prevention of risks and possible procedures related to labor litigation, corporate, tax or environmental crimes. 
So we put all our team and knowledge at your service to provide a first quality support in prevention or Court procedures in the following areas:

Defense and representing the interests of our clients in all types of criminal proceedings where there is a need to act as a defense, as civil responsible, particular prosecution or civil plaintiff. 

  • Offences against the physical and moral integrity 
  • Crimes against property 
  • Crimes against public health 
  • Defamation, harassment, etc 

Today, and more every day, we also assure legal representation in cases of transnational and international crimes, such as: 

  • Trafficking in illegal products 
  • Money Laundering 
  • Illegal Associations